Super Bowl? Super Man

stuI have been holding off on making this post until the right time.  I feel this morning after watching ESPN and Suzy Kolber I broke down and shed a tear.  Stuart Scott died January 4, 2015.


At times it feels that Stu has been in my life my entire adulthood from afar.  I turn on ESPN pretty much every day of my life.  Stu is there.  Stu is making me smile.  Stu is giving me some report on my sports stars.  Stu is making me laugh.  The guy is just apart of the TV to me.

His collegues, Suzy Kolber, Chris Berman, etc… Are all ingrained in my life as well.

I was thinking in January that the Super Bowl is not going to be the same.  Pre-game on Super Bowl Sunday is always so entertaining to me.  I love the in depth stories of the athletes.  Stu was always able to make me laugh.


This morning I got more than I bargained for.  Suzy Kolber.  (btw.. The absolute more gorgeous sports announcer to walk the planet.  Well hell, one of the most gorgeous women to walk the planet) broke down when trying to talk about Stu.  It was raw.  It was not scripted.  It was true friendship and mourning.  It was real.

Thank you Suzy… Thank you Stu…  Thank you ESPN for being a part of my life.