Angry Women

I was talking to a new friend the other day about music.  One of those, “What type of music do you listen to conversations…?”  I mentioned that through the 90s up until today I like a lot of the woman singers out there.

Might of had a crush on Stevie Nicks back in the day.  Maybe Heart…

But as an adult I was impressed with the Alanis Morissette and Avril Lavigne type.

Today I was out surfing blogs and stopped in at one of my favorites, Harsh Reality.  (This place always makes me laugh.  Love the opinions of the Opinionated Man).  He had the following video up of Christina Perri:

Christina is one of my latest favorites.  I just love her “look”.  The tattoos, combat boots with the wedding dress.  But mostly her teeth.  I know.  That’s a weird comment.  I don’t have any teeth fetishes (not sure if there is even a tooth fetish?)  But the fact that her bottom teeth are crooked.  It just adds to her imperfections which in my opinion, make her attractive.  I’m a screwed up mess, what can I say?

Your gonna catch a cold from the ice inside of your soul. 

Power, thought provoking, deep?  Or maybe just my tooth fetish?


Be Like Mike

Summer of 1991.  I am a few weeks away from turning 21.  Living in Nacogdoches, Texas and attending Stephan F. Austin State University.  I spend most of my summer days listening to the Houston Astros like I posted here.  T and I are in love.

Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan just won their 6th Championship. The entire world is learning who Michael Jordan #23 is.  The greatest and most competitive basketball player to ever set foot on a court.

I love Michael Jordan.  Watching him on the court is, still to this day, the best I have ever seen.  I imagine there will be nobody better.

Gatorade just decided to offer Mike 13.5 million as their 1st athletic sports star.

Gatorade decides to run a commercial called, Be Like Mike.  The song in the commercial is from the movie, The Jungle Book.  I still whistle it in my head…

Watching Jordan sitting in his red shirt during the commercial just laughing still brings back fun memories.  To me that commercial scene shows that Jordan was human.  He had fun.  He laughed.

After Jordan made the last second fade-away jumper to win the game.. He runs and jumps up pumping his fist.  That scene, that game… will always be etched in my brain.  Amazing.

This weekend during the NBA All-Star Game it will be the 50th Anniversary of Gatorade and they will release the original Be Like Mike advertisement that has been digitally mastered.

Music That Haunts

Music That Haunts

I lived for 4 years of my young life in an amazing town called Memphis, Tennessee.  Memphis is filled with so much history, so much strife, so much tension, crime, hate, racial divide, etc…  But it is the home of the Blues…  It felt like “home” to me on a soft summer night.  Running the hills of a suburb named Germantown.  Chasing my friends with flashlights or swinging whiffle ball bats at the lightning bugs.  Exploring the woods, and the city…  The options seemed endless in Memphis.

My father was transferred back when I was completing the 3rd grade.  I remember hating the large men from the moving company that took all my stuff.  I remember hating everything about the move.  I was living in New Orleans, my beautiful place of birth, and Dad came home and said, “Pack some boxes son we move Monday to Memphis!”

I hated the idea.  I was a total ass to my family.  I cried, I threw fits, I did not want to go.  I liked my school, my friends, my life.  How dare he?

It took me only a few days to fall in love with “The Mid-South”.  I loved sitting on the river banks watching the paddleboats.  I was introduced to Mark Twain around this time.  I would often dream of being Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer.  Jumping on a raft of the river and floating away.

Memphis…. A majestic place.


I often return to Memphis due to the fact my extended family lives across the Mississippi River in Helena, Arkansas.  Memphis is the closest large city.  My ex and I would book a room at the famous Peabody Hotel and drink vodka martinis while we watched the ducks in the lobby.

I can honestly look back on my childhood and say that my happiest time was those 4 years in Memphis.  It will always hold a soft spot in my heart.

One of my favorite singers of all time is Jeff Buckley.  Buckley loved Memphis like I did.  One fun night of partying and drinking on Beale Street ultimately led to Buckley’s death.  There are many accounts and versions of his death but the bottom line is this…  He was drunk and drowned in the river between Memphis and Mud Island.  The Mighty Mississippi is indeed mighty.  I have swum in the exact location of Buckley’s death.

The last time I was in Memphis, I walked down to the shore line and played this song on my iPhone.