LCL Injury

So today I was sitting in the 37 degree weather getting ready to watch for the 1st time my two daughters play on the same team.  (they played two scrimmages last week).  This is the 1st game of our pre-season tournament.  I consider this the first game.  We are playing an old rival named Nederland.  Good team that beat us in the Regional playoff last year.

B is the starting forward.  She takes off in the first 2 minutes and connects a beautiful threw ball to the other forward for a goal. ( I have the sequence of pictures below showing that beautiful threw ball)  Up 1-0.  Next play one of our midfielders makes a tackle on a girl causing her to fall down and we all could hear a loud “crack”.  Then the girl starts crying hysterically as she lays on her back in the middle of the pitch.  We instantly knew it was serious.

My young daughter just stands around talking to the other forward for the entire 30 minutes it took to cart the girl off the field.  Remember it is 37 degrees.  B has had a strained LCL for the past week and was already nervous about playing.  Obviously, during that 30 minute break her knee cools down.

Next play is a free kick that my other daughter (the defender) R jumps and settles.  She then passes a long ball to B (forward).  B is quickly able to control it with her back to another player.  She rolls it off to the outside mid and circles around the opponent in a full spring to the goal.  She blows by the center back and then pulls up lame.

The little knucklehead didn’t warm it back up and ends up coming out of the game.  We no longer have an offense.

They tie the game at 1-1.  Go into penalty kicks and lose.

B and I have a long chat about how she needs to show some more maturity in taking care of her body.


Here I am complaining about a slight LCL strain and some poor girl on the other team is probably scheduling surgery for her collar bone for early next week.  Does that make me a bad person?

So… ice, STEM machine, elevation, etc…  over and over again.  The trainer gave her a knee brace to wear tomorrow to warm up in the loser’s bracket game at 9 AM in the 35 degree weather that should have the added bonus of rain.

We have a scheduled appointment with the Woodlands Sports Medicine Clinic tomorrow at 2:30 just to be safe.

I only was able to snap a few shots of B in her first game (She was only out there for 3 minutes).  But here is a nice sequence of her beating the defensive center mid.