Sisters on the Pitch

Now is time for some positives… The New Year is here and I have been looking forward to January 2, 2015 for many months.

Today my two fabulous daughters play soccer together as teammates.  This is the first time this has ever taken place.  It is a monumental day.

Understand the background…

R is 17 and a junior in high school.  Se stands 5’7 and 128 libs.  Fastest kid I have ever seen. She is a highly skilled center defender on the pitch.  She is the quiet type that will knock the shit out of you.  On the club level she was ECNL level.  Basically meaning she was on the top level of select soccer you can play.  She was being recruited as a sophomore in high school to many Division 1 schools.  In high school her freshman year the coach was shocked that this quiet, well mannered, National Honor Society nerd could play soccer… and play she did.  Freshman year she was 1st Team All District, and Academic All District.  She played every minute on a team full of seniors as their Left Outside defender.  That team went all the way to state (here in Texas, that’s no small feat).  Her sophomore year she takes it to a different level.  She is 2nd Team All County (Montgomery County Texas). She is the only Texas 4A school in the county to have a representative on this team.  4A just doesn’t get the same press as the mega-large schools like The Woodlands, Conroe, Kingwood, etc…  She is 1st Team All District, All Academic Team, Defensive MVP of her High School Team.  Played every single minute as their “defender”  Coach just lines her up against all the top forwards of the opponents telling her, “Don’t let that friggin girl score a f-ing goal”.  Not a single girl scored on her the entire season.  Lost a tough battle when their goal keeper suffered a concussion in the Area rounds…  This year she was voted Team Captain.  Stopped playing select soccer because she is not interested.  Strange kid but I love her nonetheless.  Quote from R, “Dad, it sucks that I am better at everyone else in something that I do not truly love.  I want to pursue in college things I love.”  Amazing maturity for a 17 year old. Her nick name on the soccer field is Silent Assassin.  She is number 22

B is a young 14 and a freshman in high school.  She just hit a growth spurt and is 5’8 and 115 lbs.  She was always shorter and slower than her other select teammates.  Until this past year.  I think it helped her develop as a soccer player because she had to learn the game, learn angles, learn how to pass, etc..   Plays on the State Classic League Rush team (select soccer).  We travel all over Texas competing each weekend at the highest level.  B is the “in you face” knuckle dragging forward that loves to score.  She is a daemon in the air.  She scores at least a 1/3 of her goals of set pieces off her head.  She will flat run over you and then usually talk “smack” afterwards.  Her number one goal is to play college soccer at The University of Arkansas.  The high school coach has known about B for the past 2 years.  She was named the starting forward of the Varsity team.  Her goal this season is to score 15 or more goals, win Newcomer of the Year for the district.  She is super skilled with the ball and faster than everyone else.  Except for maybe #22?  They won’t race.  Her name is Bam Bam.  and it fits.  She is number 26

I have been watching these two girls play soccer competitively since they were each 3 years old.  They have never been on the same team.

My heart spills over with pride.  Today, everyday…

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