2:00 AM and the Razorbacks Win – Never Yield

I am just returning home from the Texas Bowl.  The Arkansas Razorbacks completely destroyed the Texas Longhorns.  It was embarrassing for the poor Longhorns.  Great for the Hogs!!!

So, I’m still pumped and wired.  But Fred, the adopted dog, was locked in his crate for 11 hours.  He is shitting liquid and some of it got on my bed spread.  So, the sheets and bedding are all in the wash.  The joys of having a dog.  If you feed it; it will shit.

I can’t tell you how many times I called the hogs and sang the Arkansas Fight Song.  They have a line that they have adopted as one of their many slogan which is just awesome…


Great game.  Great fun with the girls and my father… plus my nephew!


The group

hogs hogs2 hogs3 hogs4 hogs5 hogs7

What a night!