Tinder Box

Ok…. I am scared after reading this news article.  Tinder has been taken too far.  This movie, Ava, posted a fake Tinder profile and had it out there on the dating app.  Men could like Ava and start chatting/texting with her.  This is a computer!!!


I don’t know what to say about this!  I am glad that I have a new “girlfriend” and will be staying away from the dating APPS.  But this is just downright scary.

I can just picture the poor lonely soul that falls in love with the Tinder app of a computer!  Please….

Good luck single guys.

The Cry of Youth

The Cry of Youth

I usually try and stay away from writing about the topic of work.  I don’t want to mix my work life with my blog.  But this week has been extra, shall we say for lack of a better word, entertaining.

As some of you know I work at an alternative secondary school in the inner-city of Houston.  This campus houses all students 6-12 grade that break the law at the regular campus.  They make a bad decision and are sent to us.  Basically, their bad decisions just keep coming.

I was asking a friend the other night if she thinks there is a full moon out there this week.  The next day she asked me if I found out about the full moon.

My response, “I haven’t looked because I am afraid if there is NOT a full moon then I am going to be more depressed.”

The students this past week have been what we like to call, OFF THE CHAIN.  Kids cussing, shouting, fighting, turning over desks, walking out of classrooms and leaving the campus, etc.. etc…  It never stops.  What is great about it…. We are used to it.   Nothing a kid does will surprise me.

I innocently walked out of the main office going toward the cafeteria for lunch duty.  Out walks one of our star stellar students from the cafeteria.  He is steadily cussing one of the adults I have stationed in the cafeteria.  She asks me if I could handle SAID student.


I explain to him that he is being sent to the in-school suspension room and he needs to turn and go their immediately.  Typical profanity laced response that he wasn’t doing anything we say.  He walks into  secretaries office and starts using the phone.  I follow him inside and tell him to hang up the phone.  More profanity….  He then throws the phone at me.  Luckily I duck.  Student then sweeps his arm across the secretaries desk sending papers, computer monitor, staple, etc… all on the ground.  Student then chooses additional profanity and spits a snot rocket right at me!  I try and duck with my Matrix type skills but the snotball hits me in the shoulder.  He then runs off like a little school girl, out the front door and sprints down the street in who knows what direction.

This bothered me.  I know I am on video tape everywhere so I can’t do what I really want to do because I like shelter and food.  Losing my job would put shelter and food in jeapordy.

What really bothered me was the smell that kept coming from my shirt.  I had to change into a borrowed student uniform white plain shirt.

spit 2

Living the Dream?  Listening to the Cry of Youth.

My 1st Online Date!

This is a positive post!  Get ready…  grip the arms of your chair, plant your feet firmly on the ground as you sit, and take a deep breath…

As I told you in the post yesterday, I met someone on match.com.  We texted back and forth for about an hour yesterday afternoon. The hellos, and how are yous, do you like peanut butter and jelly, how many kids you got, do you have a stalker ex-husband?    After I guess passing the questions phase test, we decided to make a date for brunch on Sunday (today).  I quickly went into a cold sweat panic because I HAD TO WATCH THE TEXANS.  I didn’t want to sound like a mouth-breathing, red-neck, oil field trash, football fanatic (which I am).  So I threw the ole’ “my girls are excited about watching the football game with me tomorrow”.  Can we make this “brunch” closer to the breakfast side?


So plans were drawn, the planets aligned, my sphincter relaxed and we ended with plans to meet at a little breakfast house in small-town Tomball, Texas at 10:00 am.

This morning I verified we were still “a go” and drove off looking dapper in my new Eddie Bauer shirt, jeans and Ariat boots.  Secretly, I wanted to paint my face the Texans colors and wear my JJ Watt jersey and my camo crocs. Maybe carry my homemade sign saying ‘Jacksonville Bites Elephant Dung!’   But I didn’t think that was appropriate.


This is my first time to meet an online “date” before.  So I have to admit I was a little anxious.  Around the time I arrived in the parking lot of The Egg and I, I was thankful I used an extra swipe of my Old Spice.

Waiting for me in a booth was a cute petite brunette!  I was surprised and happy all at the same time.  She had her eyes glued to the door waiting expectantly.  She jumped up and gave me a hug and the conversation flowed with no issues!


We plan to go out on the town one evening next week when both our kids are with our respected ex spouses.

Good times