21 years of marriage.  Life was good.  I was Living the Dream.  I walked around the office everyday.  I greeted co-workers, customers, people…  Standard question, “How are you?”  My answer has always been, “LIVING THE DREAM.”

This summer my beautiful wife, T,  left me.  She said she was not in love with me anymore.  We have two daughters, R – 17 and B – 14, who are absolutely fabulous.  I was told I put them in front of T.

I have come to terms with the split.  Our divorce is final January 13, 2015.  I realize now I made mistakes.  I realize that T also made mistakes.  We can not blame each other.  All I can do now is…

Write a new story…

Living the Dream?  – we shall see.

Enter 9/8/15…

I sit here a reflect on my life.  I realize how far I have come.

  1. Girlfriend
  2. Kids are happy and striving forward
  3. Financially I am reborn
  4. New career

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  1. Thank you so much for following The Write Edge. I hope it edifies and enhances your day, and I wish you well on this journey of yours. I’m sorry for your pain and hope you find peace and strength as you move through it. Have a good week.

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  2. Good luck to you on this journey, Bowrag. I think you are living a dream that will resonate with many. I think that anyone who is as self-aware as you are will be just fine and come through this better than before.

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  3. Thank you for liking my blog. I too 24 years experience a divorce and raised my 3 young sons at the time alone. However the dream, the God inspired dream did not die. It is His plan.. so live His plan and watch Him do great things. He did it for me and He will do it for you!!!

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  4. I’ve been there, my friend. My wife announced she was leaving afteer 15 years of marriage on my 40th birthday. I became a single father of our two kiddos (son 6 and daughter 11). My ex said she needed to grow and become her own person. I’ve been remarried now for six years and can truly say I am Living The Dream. Every Day.

    And so will you 😉

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  5. Sorry to hear about what you have been through. Hope your new normal will become Dream.2. Remember the old CSNY song with the lyric “A new day, a new way, and new eyes to see the dawn. Rejoice, rejoice we have no choice but to carry on.” I wish you well. I know we don’t even know each other but I was move by your straight forward description of things.


  6. Life includes loss from start to finish – even unexpected loss, surprising loss. It ends with loss of all. If we can accept this we are set free. In the meantime we can use loss as an opportunity to gain something or someone different. Loss becomes an opportunity to gain. Yes, sometimes easier said then done, and not while we are grieving.

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  7. Sorry. The Apostle Paul had a lot of things to regret about his life and the things he had done. He knew focusing on the past would only keep him from his destiny. He said in the book of Philippians, “forgetting the past I reach for goal of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

    It sounds like you are humble and teachable which is the best start for healing and letting those you love into your life. My prayers are with you.

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  9. Divorce is almost universally unwelcome and tough—and it can happen to the nicest and finest of people. But for the patient and determined and fortunate, it is indeed not only survivable but can be a transition into new and healthy and even beautiful parts of life. You will prevail. I am the *beneficiary,* if you can imagine it at this point, of divorce, being joyfully married to a guy who went through two of those difficult adventures long before we came together 19 years ago. Not only did I get to marry the person who puts all of my old wishful-thinking versions of relationships in the shade, I am blessed that he developed healthy post-divorce relationships with both of his exes, wonderful women (now both married to other wonderful guys) who have become a happy part of my life, one of them among my most valued friends. It all took time and effort on everybody’s part, but is so incredibly worth it.

    Be well, take care of all of your relationships, even the one that’s bound to be the most complicated for now, that with your former wife, as she will always remain your daughters’ mother and could become again a friend and ally, given time and strength on both your parts. Most of all, nurture your fabulous daughters and your own self, and you will come through with flying colors, despite what it might seem occasionally in the present time of change.

    Best to you,

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  11. Thanks for the like. Every one means somebody out there got it! And may God bless you. New dreams are out there. He has a way of birthing them in unexpected ways.


  12. Thank you, Bowrag, for visiting, and for the like. Divorce is awful, it’s like being ripped apart. But you know, we all, who’ve been through it, manage to get through it, survive, and start to live again. That “second” life is never like the first one, but not worse either. Just different. And a blog is a fine place to to take your first steps towards whatever is coming next. But first, treasure your daughters. Make peace with them, if that’s something which needs doing. A man with loving daughters is a lucky man, no matter else may fall from the sky….

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  13. Gotta say, this tore me up. I can’t imagine the pain of someone you love dearly telling you they don’t love you anymore. Will be praying (and I really mean that) for you and the girls and even their mom. I lost the only boy I’ve ever loved (has it really been almost 4 years ago)? to cancer. Watching my guy fade was excruciating. He was my lover, my best friend and he made me laugh. A lot. Gotta admire your courage. I have to believe that life will be good again. There is strength in us that we didn’t know we had. Or… Life just forces us to go on. That’s the weird part. Our world stops but the world just goes relentlessly on. God bless you, brother.

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  14. Hang in there the girls will be worth every minute. And it takes two to make a marriage, but as you said, it takes both to keep one going. New chapter is just beginning I know you’ll make the most of it. By the way thank you for looking in on my recent post … hoped I gave you a smile this Friday.

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  15. Hi there, I’ve arrived here to read your blog because you said it was about “Toilets” over at the Opinionated Man blog. That doesn’t mean I have a ‘thing’ for toilets, but it was just an intriguing response.

    I think we’re probably on opposing sides of politics, but I like conflict (not really), and we’re also on opposing sides of the world’s largest ocean. I also like Clint Eastwood, even though he is politically opposed to me, so…; I don’t even know what that means.

    All the best!

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  16. And I hope you continue living that dream! We encounter a number of obstacles in our lives; you should use each one as motivation. Usually what looks like the end is only the beginning. 🙂 Take care!

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