Soccer Season comes to an end

Readers  –

I know I have posted a few times about my daughters playing soccer and our quest for the state championship here in the little state of Texas.  Well that will end until next year!

We ran into a buzz-saw on Friday night.  A team from SW Houston came in and destroyed us.  It was not so much they destroyed us; it was the fact that a few of our players just “quit” after going down.

That bothers me more than anything…

My two girls have grown up around me and my silly motivational speeches, quotes, videos…  They understand that integrity of playing hard on a team.  Never giving up… Fighting harder than everyone else.  I always explain that they may run into players or people that are better, stronger, faster, prettier, etc… Because you can not control that.  But what you can control and should never run into someone that “wants it more” than you do.  The heart of a champion.  The heart to fight longer and harder than your opponent.  To live harder than others… You can control that.  You can make yourself keep going…  You can will yourself to the next level.

So….  Watching my daughters get upset at the players that “gave up” was hard on so many levels… But made me proud on so many more.

Congratulations my two fabulous daughters… What you have accomplished this year is extraordinary:

  • Maintained all A and B in school.  Both girls taking all advanced level classes.  AP and Dual Credit.  R gaining 21 hours of college credit as a junior in high school.  B gaining 3 as a freshman in high school.
  • B making and dominated the varsity soccer team with her junior sister as a freshman… Accumulating 23 goals to lead the entire district… again, as a freshman!
  • R playing rock solid defense and never having her side of the field give up a goal the entire season.  Only giving up 2 goals all season as a team.
  • R making state in UIL choir
  • B becoming the editor of the school newspaper (as a freshman!)
  • B being named Athlete of the week for the entire city of Houston, Texas

I could go on with this list but you get the drift.  But whats so impressive is the fact they did all of this as their home life BLEW UP around them.  Their parents exploded.  As you can read in the blog, this past summer we went from a perfectly normal family of 4 to a divorced, divided family.  The girls living in my apartment and staying a few nights a week at their mothers 30 minutes away.

That is what I call heroic.  I can not be more proud of my two and the people they are growing up to be.

5 thoughts on “Soccer Season comes to an end

  1. God I hope they both read your blog. Your love and admiration for them both is just beautiful. Obviously none of us know what their mum is like but you two appear to have done a wonderful job raising them. They are lucky to have such a committed dad.

    Also, I agree with your perspective. It is awesome to win – no one can deny that, and horrible to lose. Defeat is harder to swallow though when you know those around you didn’t give it their all. One year when I was coaching a low division under 11 group, they lost every game bar two in the season (one draw, one win). Every single game though they started by believing they could do it and they fought with everything they had every game. When one felt bad the others lifted them back. Every coach complimented them on their spirit and I couldn’t have been prouder if they had won every single game. The way they handled loss was inspiring – beautiful kids. We went on in the next season to have a great season – they took everything they had learned from the horrid season and applied it. Sigh. I miss soccer lol. I will miss your updates – any chance the girls play summer soccer? Lol.

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  2. My two soccer playing daughters have relied on the regularity of soccer in their lives since they were five years old (now one in college and one a sophomore in high school) to get through the tough times. It provided a constant that made the world relatively regular. It’s truly a beautiful game in so many ways.
    My older just got into the university of Washington through soccer recruitment, which has given her a world of confidence about her schooling.
    My sophomore will be in Texas competing in May, though I am not sure where yet.
    Good luck to you and yours.


  3. Both my sons ended up playing tennis in high school. The younger gave up baseball, he had been playing since t-ball (5 years old) and most years played both fall and spring ball. Even though school tennis is still a team sport, they liked that they could play singles and doubles and didn’t always have to rely on someone else for the win. The younger came in 3rd at state his senior year. We honestly loved watching all the sports over the years, win or lose, baseball, soccer, football, basketball, tennis… I miss watching them so much.

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