Angry Women

I was talking to a new friend the other day about music.  One of those, “What type of music do you listen to conversations…?”  I mentioned that through the 90s up until today I like a lot of the woman singers out there.

Might of had a crush on Stevie Nicks back in the day.  Maybe Heart…

But as an adult I was impressed with the Alanis Morissette and Avril Lavigne type.

Today I was out surfing blogs and stopped in at one of my favorites, Harsh Reality.  (This place always makes me laugh.  Love the opinions of the Opinionated Man).  He had the following video up of Christina Perri:

Christina is one of my latest favorites.  I just love her “look”.  The tattoos, combat boots with the wedding dress.  But mostly her teeth.  I know.  That’s a weird comment.  I don’t have any teeth fetishes (not sure if there is even a tooth fetish?)  But the fact that her bottom teeth are crooked.  It just adds to her imperfections which in my opinion, make her attractive.  I’m a screwed up mess, what can I say?

Your gonna catch a cold from the ice inside of your soul. 

Power, thought provoking, deep?  Or maybe just my tooth fetish?


10 thoughts on “Angry Women

  1. Sounds like she watched Vin Diesel’s “XXX” a few too many times.

    Yelena: Do you know what a wire transfer is?
    Xander Cage: Is she for real? Sweetheart is there anything else you need to do, let us big boys have a conversation.
    Yelena: Conversation. A word with four syllables. Do you want some ice before your brain overheats?
    Xander Cage: Ice. Yeah, you could chisel some off your heart, if you could find it.



  2. If you were here, right here in front of me, I would high-five you right now. In fact, can you just high-five the air? There. I did too. From a woman who has this weird small overlapping of her two front teeth (I’ve been told it’s *cute* but it still makes me aware when I am talking to people. Even though it’s not like my teeth are fighting to switch places), it’s awesome to know there are men who aren’t all super freaked out about this stuff. I even stopped myself from going on a date with a dentist because I was afraid he would be looking at my teeth all night, and size up the dental work hours to fix it every time I opened my mouth. I could hear the conversation in my head, and it usually ended with me in his chair, but his dental chair with gauze falling out of my face while I unattractively drooled all over the place.

    Yeah.. I know.

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    • Honestly, beauty is in the slight difference we all have. I have grown to discover that. As a young man I only wanted the beautiful measured by societies standards. I realized that was not what I was attracted to. The differences are what we all should glorify.

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      • I agree. I’ve never been one to be attracted to someone based on looks alone. It’s always had to be a mental stimulation thing for me as well. But even now I am finding that I can now pin down a lot better what it is I am really attracted to when it comes to who I would like to spend time with. Perfection doesn’t even come into the equation, just someone who has energy, doesn’t eat dinner at noon, and doesn’t require a nap after walking to the bathroom. (I’m almost 46, this is a concern). In all seriousness, I do find that once I am mentally/emotionally attracted, that it really does change how I see a person physically.

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