Chick In A Mustang

I have told you about Jeff in a previous post.  Jeff and I talk every morning.  He actually lives about 20 minutes south of me on the same major highway I travel down to get to work.  I don’t think we have ever seen each other on the way to work but we have been close.  As in, a few hundred feet close.  There have been times when he says, “Do you see that sweet 4×4?” and a few seconds later I catch the 4×4.

For those of you that do not know Houston and Houston traffic.  Try and imagine 6 million people driving the roads together at the same time.


I am talking to Jeff the other morning and I see a brand new shiny black Mustang with paper plates.  The driver of the Mustang is knock-down gorgeous.  I pass the Mustang and we both smile at each other… (well, I smile really big and cheesy and she just gives me a quick smirk).  I am talking to Jeff and tell him about her.  I learn that Jeff is only an exit north of me.

We keep driving.  The Mustang pulls away in the front.

I here Jeff scream a few minutes later and says, “I see the Mustang.. I’m slowing down to get a look at the girl.”

The next sound I hear is a huge yell from Jeff saying, “DUDE that’s a guy!!!”

I try and settle Jeff down but he is off to the races with this news.  Jeff honestly laughed so hard that I could not understand what he was saying.  I had to hang up because he would not stop laughing.

Thanks, Chick in the Mustang…  Or was she a guy?

10 thoughts on “Chick In A Mustang

  1. I feel vindicated! Jeff called this morning and we started talking about the Mustang again. The Mustang he saw was a completely different color than the one I saw!! It was a girl! lol


  2. I feel your pain about Houston traffic. We lived there for three years, and whenever people from other places would ask me what it’s like to drive there I would say it’s like everyone on the road has to go the bathroom RIGHT NOW. Craziness.

    But your story was definitely fun. Enjoyed it. :>

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  3. Dude looked like a lady, eh? I absolutely DREAD driving thru Houston and try to avoid it at all costs if we are traveling. One Sunday we visited Lakewood Church and it must have taken half an hour to get off the highway right next to it and find a parking spot. Still, it was different than Dallas, where everyone is clearly on crack and decides suddenly to cross four lanes of traffic going 95mph sans blinker.

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