Crap Poetry Corner – Stopping in Bed on a Cold Winters Morn

This lady cracks me up. I mean, really funny!

Being Female

My sincere apologies to any Robert Frost purists out there, but ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ popped into my head this morning whilst I was weighing up the options of staying in my warm bed with a full bladder and going to my cold bathroom to relieve myself…

*clears throat and steps up to the microphone*

My Bladder’s full, yes I know
The toilet is so far away though
But my brain doesn’t mind me stopping here
To stay warm and hold in the urine flow

My little bladder must think it queer
to stop when wetting point is near
Between the bed and staying dry
the fullest bladder of the year

My bladder gives a little cry
to ask if I could maybe try
But the only other sound’s the glee
Of my brain crying ‘No here you’ll lie’

My bladder’s full to bursting with wee

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