Grilling in a skillet

Grilling in a skillet

The last few posts have been filled with sorrow and melancholy.  Okay, lets be real… It has been a rough ass week!

So, talking to Melly last night we started talking about food.  What does a newly single bachelor eat?  I posted a blog entry not too long ago about my food budget.  But seriously, what can I cook?

Back in the married days…. (Remember I had 21 years X 365 = 7665 days…)  I would often grill.  That was my form of cooking.  Truthfully, I grilled maybe once or twice a week!  I was a wizard.  I had a sweet set of tongs (not thongs).  I could cook the best steak, chicken, fish, pork chops, etc…  I could slow smoke a brisket, ribs, or a chicken.  I had more fun messing with new recipes.  My favorite was the Beer-Butt Chicken.  The girls first noticed the Beer-Butt Chicken when they were little bitty carpet rats.  They loved it because they got to say, “butt”.  Then run off getting lost in the carpet and giggle.  T would looks exasperated with me and I wouldn’t run off but would stand there and giggle.

Back to the point…

The state of Texas has as silly law against grilling in apartments.  But what I don’t understand as I drive through my complex is every other patio or porch has a grill on it.  But I have never smelled anything grilling… What gives?

SO here I am in the apartment with my $5.00 red skillet and a tub of Smart Balance fake butter.  I am ready to cook road kill.

I was trying to think of a good list of what I have cooked in the past 6 months I have been living the single lifestyle.

  1. Spaghetti. I buy the jar of regular meat sauce, fresh mushrooms, ground turkey (a habit from T… I may switch to ground beef next time I’m shopping), onions, and spices. I did purchase regular noodles for a dollar. I recognized the noodles T would buy for $3.75. Some sorta wheat thing. YUCK
  2. I can put chicken breasts in the skillet with butter and spices… Then cut it up and put ontop of some egg type noodles. Again, I find the bag of noodles for a dollar. I’ll usually cut up some mushrooms, veggies, etc… Pour some white sauce from a jar. I find it next to the red sauce for spaghetti. Taste like a small touch of heaven.
  3. I have bought and thrown pork chops in the skillet. Those are divine.
  4. I usually go out to eat or am able to score some leftovers from visiting my mom.
  5. If I go out I often get a take home box. Never did this before but heck I’m thinking another dinner can be had!
  6. I have gone to the Mexican restaurant around the corner from my apartment a few nights and sat at the bar and make friends with the bartender and wait staff. They have a smorgasbord of nice televisions mounted all throughout. This is a great place to sit alone, watch a little sports, and eat. I will usually order fajitas for two and bring half home for another meal.

As you can see of my sad pitiful list; I need some help.

I don’t appear to be losing any weight.  I actually gained back a few of the pounds I lost during the separation.  So I feel pretty good.

What do other single guys do?  I am tired of smelling up the apartment and setting off the smoke alarm constantly grilling in a skillet.


14 thoughts on “Grilling in a skillet

  1. Hey Brother, interesting post! If you are getting round to thinking of food, I’d say you are on the first step towards total rehabilitation.
    You said: ‘What does a newly single bachelor eat?” The answer, my friend, is anything you darn well feel like!
    Seems to me that you want to eat and eat well…Sooooo maybe you’ve gotta (re)learn how to cook and I don’t just mean watching recycled daytime tv cooking programs. Maybe there are some adult education classes or cookery clubs you can sign up to, you’d also get to meet some other likeminded cooking virgins of both sexes as well! There are some great foodie blogs out in WordPress land; or maybe time to do it the old fashioned way and investing a cookery book or two…worked for me!
    Keep the faith!

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  2. Okay, some ideas needed? How about tacos with ground beef and corn or flour tortillas. Cheap! And you can put on any toppings you like.☺ another easy, cheap idea is sloppy joes or barbeque sandwiches. Again, ground beef, and either cans of Manwich or favorite barbeque sauce. Put on buns and top with onions or cheese…yummy!! You could use shredded beef too with the barbeque if you want. One other idea is simply cheese burgers!!! Beef made into patties, season and cook in said skillet, top with favorite toppings and voila! Cheap…yummy☺

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  3. I have a menu – chicken Monday = chicken breast, with a bit of brown rice (I per person + I for the pot) + peanut butter = a yummy sauce. Quick and easy.

    Tuesday = pasta + 1/2 a tin of cooked beans, (borlotti, red beans, pinto) + tomato sauce + grated cheese = yummy and quick.

    Wed = fried fish (fillet + drench in white flour, then beaten egg, then breadcrumbs, fry for ten minutes, low heat both sides….or for as long as you like.) + oven fries

    Thursday = soup and eggs. (Not together, unless it’s egg drop soup!) Easy peasy

    Friday = who cares. A lovely easy way to eat.

    Hope your rehabilitation is continuing. Some days will feel like they always did, which is both lovely, and a bit strange.

    Bless you!

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  4. Hmmmm… if you like tuna, it’s good with mayo, and you can spice it up with a squeeze of lime. And black pepper. Try that on a baguette. Mash it onto toast. It’s okay. But I think sardines are a bit better. XX 🙂

    BTW you can edit my comment – Monday’s chicken and rice… rice is one handful per person + 1 for the pot, not one chicken 😉


  5. More ideas for you:
    Chili (freezes well! you can use ziplock bags)
    Chili cheese dogs
    Idea for the tuna – 1 box of mac & cheese, 1-2 cans of tuna (your choice), can of cream of mushroom soup and a bag of frozen veggies. Prepare mac & cheese per directions, head up frozen veggies, add all items together, heat through. Does not freeze well, but will make several all-in-one meal servings. I’ve also served the above over toast.
    Anything you smoked in the grill, you can do similarly in the oven. Long time and low temp is the same concept – might not have the “smoky” taste, but will make roasts and tougher (but cheaper) cuts of meat tender and tasty. I will cook either a beef or pork roast, one package of onion soup mix and 12 oz liquid (water for beef and apple juice for pork). Whatever you don’t eat as “roast” gets converted into pulled-meat sandwiches. This does freeze well and makes a ton.
    When searching the internet – google “college cooking” – you should get a lot of easy recipes with cheap ingredients.
    Good luck!

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  6. Have you tried Noodle-Roni? It’s really, really so nice. It’s all the hard work of macaroni and cheese, and some of these are done in four minutes. Add in some hot dogs or meatballs or something, and you can buy those pre-made, and you have a shockingly full dinner that doesn’t take trying or money.


  7. When I first started cooking years ago (I was a poor graduate student back in those days and eating a lot of rice and beans over and over again, so I can relate to your struggle here), I started out by making a lot of soups. They’re forgiving foods to make, inexpensive, and easy to freeze for later (cream based soups being an exception). Chili especially is *so* nice this time of year. As a bonus, it’s pretty manly too. 😉

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