Kevin Sumlin Dismisses Michael Richardson From Texas A&M Football, Also Fires Pool Boy

I was going to write an article about the Texas A&M game and one of my favorite college football coaches, Kevin Sumlin. But this blog does it better… Thanks, The Big Lead

The Big Lead

Texas A&M coach hits West Virginia player in the back of the head

Yesterday, Texas A&M student assistant Michael Richardson twice delivered cheap shots on West Virginia players on the sideline. He was sent to the locker room by head coach Kevin Sumlin.

Today, Kevin Sumlin issued a statement (via Barrett Sallee) that after reviewing the incidents, he was dismissing Michael Richardson from the program. He also apologized to the West Virginia players and staff.

Texas A&M coach lowers shoulder into West Virginia player -replay

It was not a good day to end up on coach Sumlin’s bad side. Apparently, the person cleaning out his pool decided to tweet about it and make a phone call public knowledge. Remember kids, you don’t have to put everything on social media.

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