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My 1st Online Date!

This is a positive post!  Get ready…  grip the arms of your chair, plant your feet firmly on the ground as you sit, and take a deep breath…

As I told you in the post yesterday, I met someone on match.com.  We texted back and forth for about an hour yesterday afternoon. The hellos, and how are yous, do you like peanut butter and jelly, how many kids you got, do you have a stalker ex-husband?    After I guess passing the questions phase test, we decided to make a date for brunch on Sunday (today).  I quickly went into a cold sweat panic because I HAD TO WATCH THE TEXANS.  I didn’t want to sound like a mouth-breathing, red-neck, oil field trash, football fanatic (which I am).  So I threw the ole’ “my girls are excited about watching the football game with me tomorrow”.  Can we make this “brunch” closer to the breakfast side?


So plans were drawn, the planets aligned, my sphincter relaxed and we ended with plans to meet at a little breakfast house in small-town Tomball, Texas at 10:00 am.

This morning I verified we were still “a go” and drove off looking dapper in my new Eddie Bauer shirt, jeans and Ariat boots.  Secretly, I wanted to paint my face the Texans colors and wear my JJ Watt jersey and my camo crocs. Maybe carry my homemade sign saying ‘Jacksonville Bites Elephant Dung!’   But I didn’t think that was appropriate.


This is my first time to meet an online “date” before.  So I have to admit I was a little anxious.  Around the time I arrived in the parking lot of The Egg and I, I was thankful I used an extra swipe of my Old Spice.

Waiting for me in a booth was a cute petite brunette!  I was surprised and happy all at the same time.  She had her eyes glued to the door waiting expectantly.  She jumped up and gave me a hug and the conversation flowed with no issues!


We plan to go out on the town one evening next week when both our kids are with our respected ex spouses.

Good times


Tools for a New Year

My father, literary genius and published author, always sends out an email each year.  Instead of telling you about it, I will repost it.  All credit goes to my father, Terry.


As has become my custom in relatively recent years, I again provide my annual public service by attaching the lyrics to “Auld Lang Syne” complete with a modern translation.


Brother Robert Burns, the prophet of international brotherhood, was a poet, patriot, Mason, and song writer.  He died in Dumfries, Scotland at the age of 37 on 21 July, 1796.  Some 12,000 people from all walks of life attended his funeral.  Burns had not only the vision of a better world, but the capacity to articulate that message.  He was a revolutionary reformer, a vigorous and tireless opponent of oppression, privilege, hypocrisy, and racism.  He is not only for Scotland, but for all the world; he was one of that small band who wrote for all time and for all people.  He left to the world teachings of brotherhood, honesty, pride, and the interdependence of love and friendship.  He voiced the spirit of equality and was unswerving in his devotion to liberty.  If only political parties, commercial organizations, and individuals would adopt his personal credo: “Whatever mitigates the woes, or increases the happiness of others, this is my criterion of goodness, and whatever injures society at large, or any individual in it, this is my measure of iniquity!”


So lift a “guide willie waught” and bring in 2015 singing boldly and fervently this age old hymn of love and friendship.  It is my wish for you and yours a most happy and prosperous new year.


Attached is the song… Click link

Auld Lang Syne


Or you can sing along: